The Handbook: What's Inside

    • Top considerations for choosing industrial mixers, no matter your industry
    • Specific considerations for the following verticals: food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, chemical, plastics, biomass, and mineral
    • How to improve sanitary conditions with the right seals, gaskets and replaceable parts
    • Choosing continuous, batch or continuous process batch mixing
    • How inflow and outflow influence your choice of mixers
    • The range of customizations to look for in a mixer
    • Lifecycle support services to expect from your vendor

Industrial Mixer Buyer's Guide

Get the Industrial Mixer Buyers Guide

Marion Process Solutions has been in the mixing business for more than 80 years because we take our customers’ needs seriously. Working with Marion gives you the peace of mind that your vendor is with you for the long haul.

  • Precision customizations for every application. None of our equipment is “off the shelf”. In-house customization and manufacturing facilities create the right equipment for each application.
  • Sanitation and safety as top priorities. Marion makes the only 3-A Authorized Horizontal Mixer in the industry and all of our models adhere to 3-A Authorized standards.
  • Continuous, batch and continuous process batch mixing options for industrial applications.
  • Testing labs for pre-purchase, new formulations testing, and optimization for every application of every customer.
  • Replaceable parts where they’re most needed for mixer durability and superior performance over the machine’s lifetime.

Got Questions? 

Work with the experts

Equipment lasts 20-30 years, make sure your vendor will too.

Customize your mixer

Every application is different; customization reduces long-term Operating Expense.

Test before you buy

Take the guesswork out by running a test before making a purchase.